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Self Hypnosis Relaxation Methods – Relaxation Technique

In order for self hypnosis to work and a personal trance to be induced, it is vital that you can achieve a relaxed state. There are many ways in which you can achieve this but the body relaxation or progressive relaxation technique is one of the most simple yet effect methods. This is done after the breathing exercises and prior to the self hypnosis induction.

To Use Self Hypnosis You Need to Prepare a Place to Practice

The induction of a self hypnosis trance can seem difficult when you first start. In order to achieve the desired effect, you will need to get into a relaxed state where you can “work” on yourself. In order to do this, you will need a quiet place, where you will be free of distractions and where you will not be disturbed.

What Are the Limits of Self Hypnosis?

Self hypnosis is a truly powerful tool, but it takes time to learn and its effects are not unlimited. It is important to demystify the use of hypnosis. The use of self hypnosis is quite different from that of classical hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Relaxation Methods – Breathing

Before beginning any relaxation technique it is important to grasp some of the most essential and important components, breathing. Breathing is far more than just the inhalation and exhalation of air. Breathing rates dictate the amount of Oxygen our bodies have access to and there are many automatic processes that increase the rate of breathing when required.

Self Hypnosis – Using Imagery and Visualisation

Imagery is one of the fundamental stages of self hypnosis. Imagery is the use of the mind to create “images” or create a scene. Imagery uses more than just mental pictures, to some people other sense hold more relevance so imagery can include all of the senses, pictures, sights, sounds, smells, sensations and tastes.

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