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Want to Stop Nail Biting? Hypnotherapy Is the Answer!

There are plenty of so-called biting solutions on the market, but most of them don’t work. Some of the most popular are polishes that you apply to your nails and taste bad. However, a nail biting treatment like that is not effective because it doesn’t get to the root of your problem.

Past Life Regression – How You Can Use the Past to Get Answers Today

An intense hypnotherapy treatment, past life regression puts you into a trance-like state so that you can uncover memories from your past lives. People who believe in past life therapy believe that our souls have lived several different lives – all in different bodies, as different people – that lead to who we are today. Experiences in those past lives play a big role in the decisions and actions we take today, even if we don’t consciously remember any of them!

Spinning Hands Hypnosis Deepener

Aren’t hypnosis inductions and deepeners usually quite static and uninteresting to watch? Well here is a deepening process to use on any hypnotised individual that involves actions and uses them to deepen the hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis: 3 Reasons You Should Learn Hypnosis

If you could hypnotize someone without them knowing it what difference would it make to your life? If you had the skill to change peoples thought what would you do with it? Conversational hypnosis makes that possibility a reality so here are 3 good reasons why you really should learn hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis: 4 Reasons Why Anyone Can Hypnotize Anybody

Conversational hypnosis makes it possible for people to hypnotize others through the use of apparently normal conversation? Most people think it must be a really difficult thing to do but it is surprisingly easy to learn. So why is it so accessible by so many people.

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