Abraham Hicks – Shifting To Positive Has Never Been Easier

Do You Want to Know How to Hypnotize People?

Hypnosis is a very tough and sensitive art that can be used to achieve the ultimate growth in life and also to help others achieve the same. The whole concept of hypnotizing others comes mostly after you can successfully hypnotize yourself. But here are some tips to remember if you plan to learn to hypnotize people.

Hypnosis For a Smoking Problem? Is it Possible and Effective?

It looks like more and more people are now switching to hypnosis and other mind-control based methods to cure addictions to tobacco, drugs, alcohol and more. The doubt however still lingers around about their validity, efficiency and possibility. Here are some facts for you.

Nail Biting Hypnosis

Looking for a way to stop nail biting? It’s not only an embarrassing habit, but actually a medical condition that is almost impossible to conquer with sheer willpower. Find out why nail biting hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to solve the problem once and for all.

What is Scriptnosis?

If you aren’t familiar with the term scriptnosis, it is when you do hypnosis by following a script. Here are my thoughts on the topic and my explanation as to why scriptnosis shouldn’t be part of hypnosis.

Defrag Your Brain With a Brainwave Entrainment Energy Boost!

If you own a PC you will no doubt have experienced the slowing down of the operating system over a period of time, and will have been directed to perform a defrag of your hard drive to straighten out the organisation of the file system and improve the access speed. This is like a tonic for the system, and can make a visible difference in performance.

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