Abraham Hicks ~ Shortcut To Abundance

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Stop Asking If You’re Doing It Right

There are some questions where even wanting the answer means you’ll never get it. Here’s how to really learn what you need.

The Kitchen Window Solution

When someone makes you choose between one thing and another, how do you make that decision? Throw the pros/cons list away and use this.

Hypnotising the Body

Who says you have to hypnotise someone’s mind? You might find it works even better to hypnotise your body instead.

Is This Meditating the Lazy Way or the Efficient Way?

Shall I compare self-hypnosis to meditation? Honestly, maybe I shouldn’t. But if I did, I know who the winner would be.

What Does Your Unconscious Do?

It’s a short question with a big answer. See some of what it does – and how that can help you beat cigarettes, insomnia and emotional blocks.

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