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NLP: When You Don’t Meet Your Goals

There is new thought going around about goal setting that says that making a time commitment to your goals is not important. Part of the NLP “SMART” goal setting method is that all goals should have a time reference to them. The problem happens when you don’t meet those time frames. Most of us end up getting more demoralized and are worse off then if we did not set goals in the first place.

NLP: Motivation – The Stick or The Carrot?

You want to motivate your clients. You want to motivate yourself. As coaches we tend to want to think that everyone is motivated “towards” their goals, towards a brighter future. Well, as much as we like to think of the world that way, most folks are actually motivated by a combination of “towards” and “away-from.” When it comes down to it, after getting through layers of reasons, perhaps we are more motivated by “away from” than we would like to admit. If so, no worries!

NLP: The Codependent Relationship Strategy – How to Stop the Madness

She said, “He really needs someone around him so he can stop drinking.” As I looked at her, images of similar codependent relationships danced through my head, and they were not exactly “sugar plums.” Yelling “Don’t do it!” at the top of my lungs was not an option, but I did imagine it before I started to talk. As I found suitable words I found out something interesting. I thought I would use a story of someone else. I mentioned to her something like this…

NLP: You Too, Can Stop Beating Yourself Up

I can hear your arguments now: But my performance was really lame. Anyone who went through this would feel terrible. It was all my fault. I should have… How could you? You knew better. Does this sound familiar? Most of us know these little songs by heart. They are usually in some negative, nasty sounding voice. We sing them over and over, like a silly song going through your head.

NLP: Anchoring Techniques for Secret Sway in the Courtroom

Back in the 1970’s, in the formative days of NLP, psychologists and educators started to utilize this powerful system of persuasion and communication. Soon after, advertising and marketing professionals began applying this knowledge to their advantage. It was not until later that lawyers stated adding these techniques to their arsenal. Are you interested in adding techniques that can give you a powerful advantage?

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