Abraham Hicks – Start Today LIKE THIS…It Changes EVERYTHING!!! (Esther’s Morning Routine!!)

Using Self-Hypnosis To Rediscover the Joy and Opportunity In Life’s Situations

We have encountered some turbulent and testing times here at our company. Following on from my colleague having a heart attack, my own wife was taken into hospital to have surgery which resulted in much soul-searching and heartbreak for her and I. Whilst we have been incredibly lucky to have family and close friends who offer up much support, we are doing all we can to remain as responsible as we can for our own well-being and emotional and psychological health.

Spontaneous Remission of Hyperthyroidism Using Hypnotherapy

One man’s astonishing experience of spontaneous remission of his over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) shows just how hypnotherapy can help in getting health back on track. Read his story now!

How Hypnotism Was Born

According to one source, hypnosis in the west was derived from the practices of Asian shamans brought West by Jesuit missionaries. However, ancient Celtic priests already claimed to possess a skill called “glamour” which meant to dazzle another’s mind, often with only words. The man credited with discovering hypnosis in the West is Marquis DePuysegur, a disciple of Dr.

NLP Practitioner Training: Understanding Anchors

Learning about “Anchors and Anchoring” is an essential part of every basic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training. Unfortunately, most new students seem to learn that creating an anchor is a way of creating change, but this is not the case. Anchors in and of themselves do not cause change, in the sense of doing something to revise unwanted wiring and patterning, or of installing something that is desired and new. The anchor is a tool that gives the practitioner access to the state or resource, so that something can be done with it.

How to Hypnotize Someone – An Introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnotism is a fascinating ability that gets a lot of attention in the media and on stage shows. The idea that by saying a few words you can get someone to fall ‘under your spell’ and behave in any way you want them too is something that all of us can imagine would be useful. At the same time being able to hypnotize yourself into believing things about yourself about others could be highly useful for our self esteem or our physical and mental abilities.

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