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Using Hypnosis To Enter The Museum of Self-Esteem

Ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? Ever wanted to celebrate all that is unique about you? Ever want to improve your self-esteem and self-assuredness? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this technique is going to help you do all those things. Here we combine self-hypnosis with mental imagery to help advance and enhance your self-esteem. Enjoy.

What to Expect From Your First Hypnosis Appointment

Hypnosis today is used to treat a wide range of problems like depression, obesity and even to help stop smoking or relieve pain when deliver a baby. So if you are considering hypnosis to help treat some of your problems or issues, here are some tips to help you as a precursor to your hypnotherapy appointment.

The Psychology Behind Hypnosis

In this article I’m going to briefly describe one of the explanations about why hypnosis has been shown to work and been applied in areas such a quitting smoking. The particular explanation that I’m going through is one from the psycho dynamic, the approach to psychology pioneered by Sigmund Freud (keep reading, it’s not about wanting to kill your father and make love to your mother as an infant). Freud believed that there were three parts to the human mind, the conscious; where thoughts occur, this is the part of your mind that you’re aware of.

Shy Bladder Hypnosis

A Shy bladder isn’t any thing to be embarrassed about, however it can cause serious health problems if left untreated. In this article you will learn just how a shy bladder can be cured with hypnosis.

Treat OCD With Hypnosis

Obsessive compulsive disorder is becoming more and more common, which in turn is putting more stress on health organisations. As a result of this many people are turning to other forms of treatment. In this article we are going you will learn how hypnosis can be used to treat OCD.

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