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A Hypnotherapist’s Own Weight Loss Struggles

When I broke my ankle and truly became immobile, I packed on the rest of the fat. My joints and body hurt, I became short of breath easily, my clothes didn’t fit, I had heart palpitations, I was always sweating and I never thought the day would come when I could barely reach around to wipe myself on the toilet… a pretty embarrassing confession to make. Finally, I was fed up and started a drastic lifestyle change: I became a vegan (which lasted for two years). During this transition, I lost 40 pounds and felt like a new person… by hypnotizing myself, I found it very easy to do.

What Subliminal Messages Can Change in Your Life

Subliminal messages are the hottest items today in the world of psychological treatments. This is because a lot of problems that plague the human life and make discontented and dissatisfied people are problems of the mind. These include incorrect beliefs, damaging thoughts, and negative influences.

Hypnosis and NLP Alternative to Cortisone Injections

I have a client who is suffering from chronic RSI. His Doctors have told him there is nothing they can do. The only way he will be able to manage his pain is by getting regular cortisone injections. Before resorting to that he is giving Hypnosis a try to see if it can reduce the pain in his wrist enough for him to use a mouse for his job.

Chaining Hypnotic Suggestions In and Out of Hypnosis Sessions

Showing how anyone can learn to chain and compound statements to help create hypnosis and make any hypnosis session flow more easily. A very simple process demonstrates how to take someone from their current experience in the direction of the desired outcome of the hypnotist.

Using Silence To Deepen Hypnosis

Many hypnotists and hypnotherapists feel the need to speak throughout every second of their hypnosis sessions. This article encourages the hypnotist to be comfortable with moments of quiet and silence and also how to use silence to deepen the state of hypnosis.

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