Abraham Hicks – The 6 MAGIC Words! OBLITERATE Negative Resistance And Manifest SO MUCH MORE!!!

Emotions – Just A Nuisance Or Actually Useful? Find Out The Benefits And How To Read Them

The following article is part of a powerful and free e-course to become the master of our mind. The objective is to be able to read our mental map and use it properly to aid ourselves to what we want to be or achieve in our life.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized Using Self Confidence Hypnosis Techniques?

People with the lowest score (a score of 0 or 1) are referred to as “Apollonians”. Apollonians are generally not very susceptible to hypnosis or are unsuitable subjects. They are rational, wary and reserved, they will critically assess the technique and they are suspicious.

NLP Communication Model

The quality of your communication IS the quality of your life… We are emotional beings whose entire understanding of the world around us and our own unique part in it comes from information that has entered our brain through five highly sophisticated and yet limited senses organs or senses.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – How They Work

As a certified practitioner of hypnotherapy, I am often asked if I will be able to “put someone under” which speaks to the misconceptions that many people still hold with regard to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Some people fear the idea that I might have total control over their minds and bodies and approach hypnosis with great trepidation while others actually hope for the opposite, that all they have to do is lie down, close their eyes go to sleep and awaken with all their difficulties, bad habits and neuroses miraculously transformed. The truth is that neither of these perceptions about hypnosis is correct.

The Truth About Changing Your Life With Hypnosis

Have you tried to make positive changes in your life, and nothing you have tried worked? You may need hypnosis to help reprogram your subconscious mind. The main cause of not getting what you want is usually a discrepancy between what your conscious and subconscious minds want.

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