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Milton H Erickson Busts Myths Regarding Hypnotherapy

Milton H. Erickson provided a lot of his patients the change they so eagerly want to happen in their lives. A lot of his fellow psychiatrists and psychologists practice his innovations in healing their patient’s psychological problems and needs. However, there are also those who speculate that his techniques are unusual and unorthodox.

Coping With Death Through Self-Hypnosis

Death is inevitable. We are all subjected to entropy and decay; it’s just a matter of time. Death of a loved one is an overwhelming and sad experience, that grieving parties find it hard to move on from this stage of loss to the phase of acceptance. Self-hypnosis plays a vital role in getting out of the initial stage of the strategy for coping with the death of a loved one.

The Power of Self-Hypnosis In Weight Reduction

In these current times, most of us are concerned with body image and appearance. A lot of us even consume ourselves with thinking of what diet or exercise regimen would be the best for our body and lifestyle. Humans are vain regardless of race, age, sex, and socio-political condition. We will always be guided by what the media thinks is sexy, slim, and perfect.

Self-Hypnosis In Alleviating Pain For Bone Cancer Patients

Pain is subjective. This means that different people have different takes on how painful an experience or a situation is to them. One man’s bitter pill is another man’s candy. So it is just proper, that when all else fails, a person in pain should try self-hypnosis.

The Best Technique in Self-Hypnosis

Humans are inherent visionaries. We envision things in our mind, and we let our hands do the job to accomplish these visions. We are guided by our imagination, and our genuine interest for innovation and technology has made us the most advanced species in the planet. Man has always started with images in his mind before he consumes all his energy to manually construct, build, and develop a masterpiece.

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