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Exposed! The Secrets of Self Hypnosis

Change is one of the hardest things that we as humans can ever do in our life. Though it may sound as easy as ABC, learning to let go of your old bad habits and beliefs can be really difficult to accomplish. There’s a simple technique that can help you to amend your limiting beliefs, addictions, uncontrollable behaviors and negativity. This technique is known as hypnosis.

Can Hypnosis Really Work On Improving Your Mind?

Your subconscious mind controls your reality. Don’t believe me? Think about this: Why do you do the things you do?

The Imaginary Rubber Band Hypnosis Induction

Want to know how to induce hypnosis using only a rubber band? Then read on because this article shows you how to induce hypnosis using the imagination and a simple rubber band.

Using the 5 Senses in NLP

Another helpful activity is to observe visual words in language. Whether you are reading a book or participating actively in a conversation, notice words that help you visualize thoughts and ideas. You will find that communication becomes more thought provoking when visual words are used. Nouns such as “focus”, “imagination”, or adjectives such as “glimmering”, “eye-catching”, and “radiant” – all contribute to the vividness of language in daily conversation.

Can You Make Someone Forget Things With Hypnosis?

Wouldn’t it be great? I mean, how awesome would life be if you could take all your bad experiences in life, go to a hypnotist, and say, “I want to forget this, this, and this.” Think about it.

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