Abraham Hicks — The Reason You Came Here (NEW)

How Many Fantastic Ideas Do You Have?

You’ve got more genius ideas than you know. It’s time to let them out.

How To Persuade With Thoughts As Things

If you can find a way to harness this idea, you’ll create some magical things. And some magical relationships.

How To Covertly Give Advice So They Think It’s Theirs

The best person to give somebody advice is them. When you can do it so they think it’s theirs, everybody will be much happier.

Experts Say That Everybody’s Doing This

There are plenty of ways to leverage social proof. You know how powerful social proof is, right?

The Myth Of Logical Truth And Emotional Persuasion

Most people use logic to persuade and convince people of their ideas. Unfortunately, this only works if you’re talking to a Vulcan.

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