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NLP and Philosophy

When I was around age eight I started to get curious about the books in my parent’s library. I remember a book called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. To a young mind it was like stretching the mind. I could not grasp the ideas, but they sure sounded nice. Later I read books on “finding happiness within.” They were nice too, but that was about it, not much substance.

NLP: Is It Manipulative?

A definition of “manipulative” at Dictionary dot com, is to influence (something or someone) skillfully. A person adept at NLP, or certain processes of NLP has more skill than most in influencing others. An example of this is with…

Breathing to Enhance Self-Hypnosis

This articles covers a range of breathing techniques used to induce, deepen or enhance your self-hypnosis practice. Breathing can be combined with imagination and thought to really drive and enhance our experience of hypnosis and this article explores that and offers up tangible methods for doing so.

Hypnosis: How to Stop Over Eating

A primer on the use of self-hypnosis to bring about changes that result in improved health and well being. Eliminating conflict between the conscious and subconscious areas of the mind opens up many paths to self improvement. And self-hypnosis can be used in almost any area of your life. So why not stop with hypnosis; stop smoking, stop over eating, stop procrastination or stop being shy, and the list goes on and on.

Break The Habit – With Self Hypnosis Your Smoking Will Stop

Lung cancer, coronary heart disease, gum disease and stomach cancer – all these are possibilities if you continue to smoke. The list of health problems related to smoking is lengthy. The result is painful. Using nicotine gum is not going to make you a non-smoker. Talking to your doctor will not help you be successful. What you need is to learn about self-hypnosis. The smoking will stop when you use this method.

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