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Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Life – See Results Instantly

The word hypnosis comes from the Greek term hypnos, this means, to sleep. Hypnotherapists utilise methods which leads to deep relaxation and achieving an altered state of awareness otherwise referred to as going into a state of hypnosis. Generally, someone who is in a deep and fully centered condition becomes very attentive to an image or concept, but this does not necessarily mean that this person’s free will and mind is being manipulated by the hypnotherapist.

Learning Hypnotism – How to Use Auto-Suggestions in Hypnosis

If you are learning hypnotism, the basic knowledge of how to use auto-suggestions in hypnosis is a necessary part of the learning process. The purpose of the use of auto-suggestions is to discard the bad part of your personality to become a new and improved person to live a life to its full potential. For this, the image of a person or a thing that appealed to you in the past is recreated in your subconscious mind that you follow consciously in the form of an auto-suggestion.

Goodbye to Stress – Self Hypnosis Relief

Welcome back to the Goodbye to Stress series and today we will discuss “Self Hypnosis Relief”. Imagine using this powerful technique to relieve stress root causes and raise the bar of any aspect of your life! Enjoy the read.

Hypnosis – Mind Over Matter and Mental Illusion

The pendulum swings methodically back and forth. Your eyes follow the object, a shiny lancet, one held ten inches from your eyes. The position of the object is necessary to produce the greatest possible strain on your eyes and eyelids, thus enabling you to maintain a steady, fixed stare at the object.

School Anxiety – Using Hypnosis to Help Your Child

Learn how to protect your child from school anxiety and school phobia with hypnosis for panic attacks. You can inoculate your son or daughter against being the casualty of social anxiety when you teach them self hypnosis for school anxiety.

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