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Ways Athletes Can Use Hypnosis To Improve Their Performance

The top athletes I know are looking for any competitive advantage they can get. Lots of them come to me for just such an edge. You might have heard the experiment that was done a while ago, where 3 groups of guys were told to practice shooting free throws.

How to Use Hypnosis to Increase Your Business Sales

One of the very first presentations I did after becoming a hypnotherapist was to a group of salespeople. I found them to be quite an enjoyable audience, and more receptive to hypnosis than I’d imagined. They asked several relevant questions when I finished, and three of them actually became my clients.

In Hypnosis, What Is Ernest Hilgard’s “Hidden Observer”?

The much-referred to notion of the ‘hidden observer’ in hypnosis is explained in this article. Some hypnosis professionals disagree with the notion and yet for many, it is a central component of their hypnosis work and underpinning belief system. What is it all about?

NLP for Coaches: Submodalities 102 – Like to Dislike for Food

I will tell you how it worked for my friend with the danishes. You can substitute another food for this process. The process as described below only applies to food, there are more things to consider when you are working with behaviors.

Conversational Hypnosis: The Ultimate Self Help Guide Is a Hypnosis Technique

How would you like to really make a positive change to your life? There is not a single self help guide that can actually help you. However there is a skill you can learn that can really can change your life and it’s called conversational hypnosis.

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