Abraham Hicks – There Are 2 Things Required For Your Manifestation To Take Shape!

Do Your Instincts Serve You, Or Are They Slowly Killing You?

Many people feel that following your instincts is a good idea. It can be, but they can also lead you down path of doom and destruction.

The Five Minute Phobia Cure To Blast Away Fears

Need to destroy some fears? This will do the trick.

How To Build A Metaphor And The Secret Power Of Broccoli

When you want to persuade somebody to do something, using a metaphor can be incredibly powerful. Here’s how to build one.

Embrace Objections And Easily And Covertly Overcome Them

Most folks are terrified of objections. When you accept them, they will virtually disappear.

When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?

Presuppositions are the most powerful language patterns on Earth. Use them correctly and nobody will be able to defeat you.

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