Abraham Hicks – This Is A Sign! You Were Meant To Hear This Message From Source Energy!

Hypnosis Through My Eyes

Connecting with your higher self through hypnosis. As both a facilitator and participant in the hypnosis process, I hope this guide will help you understand what you can experience while in a hypnotic state of mind.

I’m OK

In spirit there is no competition, only completion.” How often do you stop and take a look at your life? I mean really look at life?

Who Gave You Permission?

Each one of us is an individual. Or at least that’s what we think. Have you ever done something because that is what everyone else was doing?

Hypnosis – Pregnancy and Childbirth

Why is it that we expect pregnancy and the delivery of babies to be so terribly uncomfortable? Painful even? This is a completely and entirely natural event. Pregnancy can and should be enjoyed, childbirth should be much less stressful, after all a new being is being welcomed to the planet.

How Hypnosis Works in Treating Phobias

People can have fears to anything and it can range from petty to real disturbing phobias, from animals, being alone, small or enclosed spaces, dark rooms, death, heights, fire, injections or needles, to travel, trains, water, men with beards and so on. It is defined as a persistent fear to a specific stimulus situation or object. This is not just a simple fear but a total terrifying fear of the stimulus.

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