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What Are the Different Uses of Hypnosis?

Individuals who are enthusiasts about self hypnosis had gained a lot of benefits out from using this powerful mind technique. People practising this technique learned to find peace, calmness and confidence within themselves. They have also learned and created life changing events that helped them gone through all the challenges, issues and everyday problems they face in life.

Conscious Mind and the Soul

Influences from past lives can influence present health. Analyzing the previous point of death and working backwards can be an valuable tool.

Do Temporary Hypnosis Suggestions Need An End? Or Do Those Hypnotic Suggestions End By Themselves?

There are various schools of thought around the notion that if a hypnosis professional does not give a proper timescale for a suggestion to end, then its effects, even if unwanted may carry on after the hypnosis session has finished. SO here we discuss whether hypnosis suggestions need to have an ending included or not.

Hypnotists Say Not to Use These 4 Words: Are You Still Using Them?

This article reveals you 4 words that many hypnotists ask us not to use. There are certain words that have the power to diminish our self-worth and confidence. These words make our goals vague and create a wrong perception of ourselves in others view. Pay particular attention to your thoughts and the words you use to express those thoughts.

The Unknown Dangers Of Mind Control Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the state in which your mind is relaxed. In this state, your subconscious mind works more that your conscious mind, and ideas can be introduced to the subconscious mind.

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