Abraham Hicks – This Is The Most Powerful Attraction That Is Taking Place In Your Behalf

Subliminal Messages – If You Watch TV You Get Hit With Them Every Day

When you think of subliminal messages, your mind probably thinks of something that’s completely hidden. Maybe like the rumours of satanic messages if you played certain records backwards. But actually the dictionary definition of subliminal is something that is “below the threshold of conscious perception” which gives a much wider remit and is why television hits you over the head with subliminal messages all the time.

Using Self-Hypnosis For The Relaxation Response To Enhance Runners Athletic Performance

How can relaxation response be elicited using self-hypnosis? How can that enhance athletic performance? This article explains the answers to these questions and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

The Steps to Creating a Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script has several parts and you’ll need to consider each of them when you are creating a hypnosis script either to use on yourself or on other people. The first part takes you down into a hypnotic trance, the final part brings you back out of hypnosis and the middle part is the “meat” of the hypnotic session. We’ll take a look at each of these in order.

Self Hypnosis Can Be Fun

In my view, self hypnosis is always fun. After all, if something’s not fun then (unless it’s compulsory) why are you doing it? Whether you are using self hypnosis to get rid of a problem or to help yourself relax or for any other reason, it’s definitely worth approaching it with a sense of almost child-like fun.

3 NLP Techniques Anyone Can Use

NLP – or neuro linguistic programming to give it its full name – claims to be able to do a lot of different things. It often crops up with reading another person’s body language but it has a lot more uses as well. Here are some easy to learn NLP techniques that anyone can use.

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