Abraham Hicks – This Is When The REAL Magic Happens!

Hypnosis Myths Debunked! Why You Can’t Get Stuck In It!

Myths about hypnosis debunked once and for all! How it works, why it works, how it feels and why you can’t get stuck in it!

The Meaning Within The Meaning (Obviously!)

Many think that hypnosis and its related sciences are trance purely, but I am going to prove that the Amazing Kreskin, also known as George Kresge, Jr. is right about the fact that mental control is an attitude, and not a trance. Watch this, now, to put it like some television preachers put it.

What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

Have you ever been driving down the highway and soon realize that you have just gone 2 miles and don’t know how you got there? Well congratulations, you have just been hypnotized. When you get hypnotized you are actually in a meditative and relaxed state of consciousness.

The Importance of D.O.D: Desire, Optimism and Dream

What do you want to do or create this year? What do you truly desire? Take 5-10 minutes to quietly ponder the possibilities. Simply allow yourself to open up to your hearts deepest desires. Maybe you want to travel, take a course, or move to a new location. Think of it as a game.

The One Tool Every Politician Uses – And How You Can Improve Your Communication With It

In this article I illustrate how you can use your communication to set a specific context meaning while using examples from scientific research that has been carried out on the subject. Also I provide tips on how you can use the above mentioned to improve your communication and be more effective.

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