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How To Deal With The Live Wire Of A Relaxed Mind

The relaxed and focused mind is the most powerful thing in existence when properly used. It is like a live wire in fact.

Hypnosis Techniques – How to Hypnotize Someone for the First Time

Hypnotism has been used for several centuries to gain information on an individual’s past and present lives. This technique was not named until the 1880’s. The person who gave it this name is James Braid, a Scottish neurosurgeon. He was responsible for naming and developing this technique on how to hypnotize someone properly through scientific studies. There are four steps Braid’s his technique on how to hypnotize someone.

NLP and Getting Over the Ex With Anchors

You try to start a new life, but you keep returning, even if it is just in thought… or maybe in person… to the ex. The emotional storms are worse than a rough day at sea you’ve seen in the movies. Friends try to console you, they give you their best advice, but in those quiet moments in the middle of the night, or those reminders during the day of a movie you saw, a restaurant you went to, the gym, that shirt he gave you, the jewelry, it is everywhere. If you were together very long, you have created many, many of what is called “anchors” in NLP terms. The restaurant, the jewelry, etc is “anchored” to your thoughts of him. The nice thing about anchors is that they can be reassigned. They can be changed.

NLP and Getting Over the Ex by Being the Director

You try to date others, and his/her image, or thoughts of them just won’t go away! You know they are not for you, yet somehow they seem to have some kind of stronghold in you.You just want it to stop so you can get on with your life. Enter NLP. In this process YOU are the Director! If you are like most of us, you have movies that run through your head of the good times. One thing to realize is that no matter how bad the relationship was, you will have some good memories. By taking control of this mental process, you can still acknowledge that you had some nice times, you learned some things, but now it is simply over. Let’s have some fun here and make some movies.

NLP and Being In Between Relationships

When I was in-between relationships I sure wish I had the tools of NLP by my side. You know those feelings on a Sunday when you have plans to go out with a friend or a potential date, and they cancel? What about when it’s a holiday and you know you can go to this friend’s house or that one, but you just found out your ex girl/boyfriend is seeing someone new and they will be visiting the same friends. The emotions can be uncomfortable.

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