Abraham Hicks – What Can I Do To Make My Life EVEN BETTER?? (Abraham Has The Answer!)

Learn Instant Hypnosis, for Self-Hypnosis Gets Results

Instant, or rapid hypnosis is an advanced form of going into trance. When you learn instant hypnosis you will have the valuable skill of being able to go into a trance at will.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – It Really Works!

If you desperately want to lose weight, you are not alone. In fact, the majority of Americans are either overweight or obese. But, did you know that your weight problem may actually be in your head? When it comes to weight loss, hypnosis is a legitimate way to slim down. Weight loss hypnotherapy has become a preferred way to lose weight for people all over the country – and it is growing more and more popular.

Terrified of Public Speaking? Hypnosis Could Be the Answer

Do you have a fear of public speaking? If so, you are certainly not alone. A fear of speaking to large groups is one of the most common fears in the world. In many cases, people are more afraid of speaking to an audience than death! But public speaking anxiety doesn’t have to get you down; you can overcome your fear of speaking to large groups of people with hypnotherapy.

Introducing Neuro Linguistic Programming: NLP Language Patterns

NLP Language Patterns is a major topic in many NLP books and is sometimes explained in life coaching courses. It plays a great role for introducing neuro linguistic programming.

How To Lose Weight With a NLP Technique That’s Fast, Effective and Safe

NLP can offer a safe, sustainable way of achieving your healthy living goals – of losing weight and keeping it off, of eating healthily and of fitting exercise into your already busy schedule. A skilled practitioner can help you do this in ways which both are safe and sustainable. One of the ways NLP can be used to help you achieve your healthy living goals is by helping you eliminate certain foods from your diet. This can be particularly helpful if, for example, you regularly consume a food or foods which have a high calorific but low nutritional value. This article outlines the NLP ‘like to dislike’ process that can be used quickly (often in under ten minutes) and safely to help you cut out the particular food or foods which you know is piling on the pounds/kilos. It emphasizes the need to make sure that you do not simply swap one ‘unwanted’ food for another – a point often overlooked by others.

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