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How You Can Begin to Learn and Soon Become a Master at Conversational Hypnosis

What does it take to become a good hypnotist? Is it what most people think it is. Learn how you can become a hypnotist and improve your own life.

Hypnosis In The Ancient World – 1

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. The practice of hypnosis is said to date back as far as Ancient Greece and Rome. This article examines some of the evidence.

Hypnosis And Human Development

The American psychologist Brian Vanderberg has suggested that children go through a phase of heightened suggestibility similar to hypnosis as part of their natural development. This article discusses Vandenberg’s original and exciting idea.

Hypnosis In The Ancient World – 2

Some scholars and commentators say that the practice of hypnosis goes back as far as Ancient Greece. An episode in the Bacchae of Euripides is often cited as an example of ancient hypnosis. This article discusses hypnosis in the Bacchae.

Music and Hypnosis

We all know that music affects our emotions. It can make us feel happy or sad, excited or calm. But music can also affect our state of consciousness. In this article I argue that music can sometimes act upon us almost as a kind of hypnotic induction.

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