Abraham Hicks – YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT Just Get Out Of The Way

NLP and Hypnosis: What Is the Difference?

When I signed up for my NLP Practitioner courses, I understood that hypnosis would be taught as well. I thought, “Ok, but so what?” Will I be taught to make someone act like a chicken on stage?

NLP and a Very Dangerous Question

Imagine a version of yourself that has let go of all shame. All of those little secrets and things you would rather keep hidden, imagine, for a moment, that they do not exist. Poof. Gone. Send it out to the horizon and watch it explode waaaay out there. That’s right.

NLP Mood Enhancement: Step Away From the Chocolate

What is more powerful for mood enhancement than 20,000 chocolate bars? According to a study carried out for the British Dental Health Foundation the winner is…

NLP: How to Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind

As you may already be aware by reading this article, our consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg of the mind of which we have access. It is like a vast internet, but it is in the dark. Do you remember when you first approached the internet? I have memories of using “Gopher” on a system at the local university. When I looked at the web address…

NLP: Rewriting Your Future

Allowing a totally new future for yourself is possible. Wouldn’t you agree that by having a goal in mind, and it could be one that is humanly possible, even one that seems nearly unattainable, that you have a better chance of arriving there than if you just “set sail” without a strategy?

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