Abraham Hicks – You Are HERE For THIS REASON!! A MUST-HEAR Message From Abraham!!

Build Rapport and Improve Your Business Relationships

One way to develop rapport is to the break all the rules by learning to speak the other person’s language. They’ll warm up to you and you’ll get more things done more quickly.

Subliminal Affirmations – Do They Work?

The concept of subliminal affirmations has existed since a very long time. In the recent times, it has started being discussed a lot.

Subliminal Messages – Do They Work?

With the Mindmaster subliminal software currently getting a lot of attention, lets take a look at both Mindmaster and also the question of whether subliminal messages actually work. What Is Mindmaster? First of all, for those of you who do not know, Mindmaster works by flashing subliminal messages and positive affirmations onto your laptop screen as you use it throughout the day.

NLP for Coaches: The Map Is Not the Territory – The Pahrump Brothel Museum

The surface understanding of this presupposition is that something you read in a book, or on paper, or the internet for that matter, is not truth, but simply a description, a representation of reality. The deeper meaning is this, that our perception of reality is only a map, and not truly reality… In town there is a retro looking billboard advertising the “Brothel Museum.”

NLP for Coaches: What Is All the Fuss About?

What is this “NLP?” People talk about it like it’s magic. I recently heard someone say it’s a “snake oil” cure. There are applications for iPhones for NLP and how to pick up women. You hear that politicians use it, Olympic athletes use it… well, what is it, and why should I give it a second glance?

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