Abraham Hicks – You Are Never Apart From Your Inner Being – You Are One

Hypnotising Clients With Your Marketing Message

Hypnosis and marketing. Knowing one gives you insight into the other. What sends most hypnotists astray is that they don’t know how to apply their talents towards their homepage. Elevate yourself above the rest by learning what you already know about marketing.

The Steersman

In reality our universal mind is our helmsman, and we are Captains of our ships with very little real control. I will explain exactly what I mean as the article goes on. First, I would like to say though, that: We are masters of our fate and captains of our souls. Just, not like we think, though.

The Gateway Between Language and Memory

Both spoken language and memories are processed in the temporal lobe. This makes this part of your brain an entry point into hypnotic trance and a useful place to work.

How to Hypnotically Disconnect People From Themselves

A deep hypnotic trance is a strange (and pleasant) experience. It’s as if your body is over there and your mind is over here. Neuroscience holds the key on how to induce this state so that your subjects can transform their minds.

What Are You Offering?

Your homepage sells who you are. As a hypnotist, you know that a lot of people compete for attention. This isn’t a problem when your website captures what is unique about you and how you can help them. Do this and you stand out; anything else is wasted opportunities.

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