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NLP Perspective: Emotion Is Energy in Motion

One of the best definitions I have seen of “emotion” is “Energy in motion.” The thing about emotions is that they appear to have two agendas. One is to be felt, the other is that sometimes they have something they want us to know, a “learning.” We already feel our emotions, right?

Six Reasons It’s Good to Be a Hypnotherapist and Have a Certificate for Doing Work You Love

Before I became a hypnotherapist, I knew I wanted to do work that could help people transform their deepest difficulties and become more free. I had a number of skills that I learned along the way, but I had no way to put them together into a viable profession and hang a shingle on my door. I prayed for it for quite a while, and finally I met a woman who told me she’d been certified, and I asked her what she did. She told me, and I said to her, “You’re kidding! I do that!” That was when I knew that I could get my certificate too. What I wanted to do was to make my contribution to the world and have a grounded profession so I could do the work I loved. And now I finally knew how to do it, and I became a Certified Hypnotherapist. So here are 6 reasons why that’s a good thing and why you might want to do it too.

Learn Hypnotism With These Simple Steps and Guide

Hypnotism or hypnosis has several definitions made by different people. Some define it as a mental state of relaxation, focus and concentration. While others define it as an art to help people uncover their pains and problems.

Scripts For Hypnosis Induction

When you are learning to do self-hypnosis, you’ll need to use hypnosis scripts to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself. Through hypnosis, you will discover the ability to improve many areas of your life. Scripts will allow you to reach your subconscious mind with positive affirmations and repetition.

Induction Hypnosis – How It Works

Simply stated, induction hypnosis is the process used to enter a trance state. This state will have you feeling relaxed and focused, and will give you a chance to link communication lines between your conscious and subconscious. Self-hypnosis induction should not be very difficult for you to perform, since you are in trance state commonly when you focus on something.

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