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Self Hypnosis – Can Anyone Use It?

Hypnosis refers to a state or condition in which the subject becomes highly responsive to suggestions. There are myths shown on TV and movies that a person in Hypnosis,is unaware of what is going on, cannot hear anything and is in someone else’s control and this is totally untrue.

How to Safely Harness the Power of Modern Self-Help Technology

It is amazing how easy it is now, for anyone to access powerful tools which are aided by the latest technology to program our minds and achieve our desires. Creative visualization software incorporating affirmations and subliminal messaging, brainwave entrainment, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), self hypnosis and hypnosis products are but a few of these tools that we can instantly download from the internet. The popularity of the law-of-attraction has encouraged more and more programs to be developed. But how much do we really know about the law of attraction? Does it really work and is it beneficial to our well being? Are there any undesirable outcomes?

NLP Re-Imprinting Technique Tips

How do you help a client tolerate their fear when they are experiencing past pain? In this discussion, the author describes useful re-imprinting techniques upon being asked about “baseline states” by a Masters student who had just participated in a class on that topic.

How Self-Hypnosis Works

If you are reading this, I am sure you have probably wondered about how self-hypnosis really works. You probably have heard things about how you can easily change your mindset, improve your self-esteem, quit smoking, lose weight easily and so on through the use and application of self-hypnosis.

How to Write a Confidence Building Self-Hypnosis Script

The most important thing to do for any self-hypnosis session happens before you put yourself in a trance. It happens even before you write the script you are going to follow while in a trance. For this script I will be covering one aspect of confidence: having a positive and healthy self-image.

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