Abraham Hicks – You Were Meant To Hear This Message Today!! (POWERFUL Law of Attraction)

Using Positive Rapport to Your Advantage

You know that feeling when you just “click” with someone and it seems like you’ve known them forever, even if you’ve just met? That’s rapport in action. So let’s take a quick look at building positive rapport and then see how we can use it to our advantage.

NLP Practitioner Training: Understanding and Working With Panic Attacks

Excerpt: One of the main tendencies of our “neural legacy” safety patterning is to generalize the experience of fear. Again, our creature neurology does not think or speak, but if it did, it would say something like: “If x amount of fear and panic makes my organism safe, then surely 3x amount of fear and panic will make it at least three times safer! OK, let’s generalize this thing!!! What else is [even a little bit] similar to what we are already panicking about? Let’s panic about that TOO. Excellent!!! SAFER, SAFER, SAFER!!!”… In order to help someone begin to mitigate or remove the patterning for a panic reaction, we need to know what, literally, the person’s brain is looking at and/or listening to in their mind’s other-than-conscious eyes and ears. These are what cause the panic reaction, nothing else…the essential re-frame is simply: “If I were looking at that on the inside every time I was (on a bridge, in a tunnel, out for a walk, driving), I would be panicking also.”

Energy Therapies and Negative Forcing Functions

Energy therapies can relieve emotional distress for a time and I have used them over the years. The problem with these therapies is that they simply relieve the symptoms. Because of my background in electrical engineering, I take an engineering approach to human consciousness to deal with the root problems.

Entities, Past Lives, and Chronic Fatigue

Is it your past life or the entity’s? Doing psychotherapy on your attached entity isn’t going to help you! Entity attachments are frequently the cause of an intractable problem in a persons life.

Hypnosis, Smoking and Sex

A few words about how hypnosis works and the effects it can have in changing our lifestyles. It can not only help you stop smoking, it might just improve your sex life!

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