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Decoding the Different Types of Hypnosis

Hypnosis comes in different types. It mainly consists of traditional hypnosis, the Ericksonian method, NLP or neuro-linguistic programming and self hypnosis.

4 Useful Tips On How To Use Self Hypnosis Scripts

A script is a very handy tool for beginners of self hypnosis. It can help teach them how to use hypnosis successfully by guiding them each step of the way through the entire hypnosis process. This tool could be in the form of a manual, a list of scripts and hypnotic suggestions, or a guided audio.

Guidelines in Achieving a Fruitful Self Hypnosis Process

Self hypnosis is an effective technique that anyone can use and practice every day. In fact, this method is very simple to learn and do. Here are some guidelines you should follow during your own self hypnosis process.

What Hypnosis Really Is

Hypnosis is often portrayed as mind-control tricks and total obedience tricks. Learn exactly what hypnosis really is.

Why Self Hypnosis Is Very Beneficial For You

Many of you may have been asking yourself this question a number of times prior to actually testing the waters and trying this technique. Well, doing self hypnosis can bring a lot of amazing changes and advantages into your life. It helps you to improve and grow personally, emotionally and mentally in many ways.

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