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Will Hypnosis Work For Me?

In recent years the popularity of hypnosis has boomed and there are a couple of different reasons for this. Now all around the world people are asking the question “will hypnosis work for me?”

Hypnosis Regression & The Miracle of Hope

There are many tools available to us as we work to see ourselves, and our experiences on Earth, from different perspectives. Each person chooses the tools that are most useful to him or her. For me, anything that allows a greater personal connection to the web of life is most reliable.

The Top 7 Mind Power Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment

We all eventually realize that the key to what we want in life is how well our Brain, our Mind works; so that we can use it powerfully. We have all wanted more mind power at some point – I’m sure you remember those times in school with brain-busting exams. Even more, we want the mind power necessary to excel in our career; the emotional stability to enjoy our relationships… But how can we get it?

Mind Over Matter – What is the Subconscious Mind and What Has it Got to Do With Hypnosis?

The mind is very powerful and once we understand how to use it to our best advantage, we can achieve so much more than we ever thought possible. It is not a magical or mystical concept, it is purely about utilising what is available to us and having an open enough mind to go with the flow sometimes!

Will Hypnosis Cure My Depression? If So, How?

Clinical depression can so cripple the mind that it extends to the body, making it very difficult sometimes even to climb out of bed. Sufferers view facing the day with something akin to terror, although speaking personally I was past terror. I was more like an automaton. Once out of bed and dressed, I really didn’t have a clue what to do next.

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