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This One Word Will Drastically Improve Your Conversational Persuasion and Influence

How would you like to learn one simple word that will have a dramatic and immediate effect on your influence with others? Read on, as you are about to discover this magic word.

The Validity of NLP Filters

Our concept and sense of realty is limited and defined by how we filter our perceptions. The mental states that result become the instigators of our behavior.

The Master Myth and the NLP Intensive!

The number of NLP trainers offering “intensive’ NLP courses seems to be growing – and I think to the detriment of NLP. A web search will reveal 5, 6 and 7 day “intensives’ and even the odd “correspondence’ course in NLP.

What is Life Between Lives Regression?

There are those who believe that before we came into this physical body, we were souls that had access to the limitless love and knowledge that’s available in the spirit world. Life Between Lives Regression can allow those who are open to the concept, to access memories from that realm. These memories can help a person discover their life purpose, karmic growth patterns, and why they chose to reside in their current body.

What is the NLP Meta Model?

Imagine having the ability to grasp how another person sees the world – to be able to understand how they think, how their thoughts differ from yours, and how to express ideas in a way that they will immediately grasp. The neuro linguistic programming (NLP) meta model is a set of skills and techniques designed to do just this.

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