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Self Hypnosis: Try It Yourself

Hypnosis is a very popular practice, and you should know first and foremost that there is nothing dangerous about. This is probably the biggest misconception that people have about hypnosis, is they think that it is dangerous and that if they are hypnotized they are going to start clucking like a chicken, when this is really not the case at all. Self hypnosis is just the same, with the only difference being that with self hypnosis you are going to be performing the hypnosis yourself.

Three Popular Instant Hypnosis Applications

Instant hypnosis has many practical applications in day-to-day life. Some popular instant hypnosis applications include quitting smoking, losing weight, and overcoming an inhibiting fear, such as public speaking.

NLP Course Tips – The Importance of Setting Outcomes

NLP Trainer Michael Beale explains the main characteristics of setting outcomes, and how they should be big, bold, audacious and motivating. They should set a direction. When they cease to motivate they should be changed.

Controlling Other People’s Thoughts

Controlling other people’s thoughts is one of the most powerful skills you can acquire. The art of changing minds is so highly valuable – you can get into any industry and will be able to pick up high-paying jobs. Or you can set up your own thing. People with the ability to influence others are always in high demand – particularly in economically tough times.

Life Between Lives Regression – How It Can Help You

You may have never heard of a life between lives regression, or LBL, but it can be a powerful tool to help you find out more about yourself, your purpose, and the meaning of your own life. By working with the right hypnotherapist, you can see several benefits from LBL.

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