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NLP for Coaches: Techniques for Social Phobia – 1 – NeuroTrek Journeys and Logical Levels

If you don’t know what social phobia is, you can always stand up in front of a group of people and give a presentation. You’ll quickly understand… So when we were cavemen (and women) if we were thrown out of the group, we had to fend for ourselves in a dangerous world. Those dinosaurs had quite an appetite. Deep in our cellular memory being rejected by the group meant our survival was threatened.

Win Arguments With Your Spouse With NLP

Why do they always have to do… “that?” It’s their fault you feel like this.

NLP for Coaches: Submodalities 101 – True Transformative Magic Hides Here

Submodalities. Something to do with a submarine? Well, yes, it could. When you think about how much you enjoy/dislike submarine movies, do you get a picture? So, where is that picture? Is it near, far, up, down? Where do you store that picture? The mind stores thoughts in different locations…

NLP and the Power of Now

I loved listening to Eckhart Tolle’s books on the Power of Now. I usually have time to listen at the gym or on the back of my husband’s motorcycle as we take in the amazing scenery in a few hundred mile radius of Las Vegas. Tolle tells you ways that you can more often be in the Now moment, where the eternal moment exists.

NLP For Coaches: Anchoring – Cake, Beer and Anchor Steam

Actually, anchors are ubiquitous (I like that word), in other words they are everywhere, in all of the experiences we have had, and most we will have. When you listen to, see, hear, taste or feel something new you are creating new anchors. Find out how…

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