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Can You Control the Body With the Mind? How Powerful is Your Imagination?

I remember reading an authoritative book years ago about these Yoga masters and other adepts who are capable of the most amazing feats. This one man could slow his heart rate down to 2 beats per minute. Sounds extraordinary, but it’s perfectly true. There was another group of men who could control their bodies to such an extent that they could remain buried in earth for days, even weeks at a time…

The Power of Hypnosis

There are loads of benefits of conversational hypnosis as the power of hypnosis itself can enable you to achieve many things you never dreamt of. Primarily, a course on hypnosis can make you influence anyone to follow your lead, get clients and customers to eat from your hands, command respect, negotiate effectively, keep lovers loyal 24/7 and make everyone agree to your point of view including obedience from teens and children.

Hypnosis and the Benefits of Learning Optimism

A fascinating point about hypnosis is that apart from being a natural learning state, we’re usually unaware that it’s happening at all. It happens spontaneously and continually. You don’t have to look far to find a problem to this, though. It means we can be hypnotized by everyone with whom we come into contact, let alone the television and all the adverts…

What Happens During a Hypnosis Session?

Are you wondering what happens to a person during a hypnosis session? To give a clearer insight below are the things which normally occurs during a hypnosis session.

NLP – How is Neuro-Linguistic Programming Used?

When considering the question how is Neuro Linguistic Programming used, you should ask yourself another: What do you want to change in your life? NLP can be used to make changes in your personal life e.g. improving your relationships with loved ones or to meet and make new friends.

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