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Hypnosis Isn’t About Giving Up Control – It’s How You Can Take Back Control!

Do you know the truth about hypnosis? Hypnosis is a process rooted in the science of our minds and not the way Hollywood wants to portray it. Discover the truth about hypnosis by reading on.

How Do I Select the Right Hypnotist?

If you are considering hypnosis as a way to improve the quality of your life then you must read this article. Selecting the right hypnotist is the first step to moving down the path to success. This article provides you guidelines to help you select the right hypnotist for you.

Use NLP to Create New Year’s Resolutions That You Keep

This is a follow up interview to the article “Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work”. “If resolutions don’t work, what do we do?” is the question offered about New Year’s resolutions, and the answer discusses how they can be seen and used in a new way for effective personal change and growth. Note: The following transcript is edited for clarity.

How to Cure Blushing Now

Blushing can be a major problem for people with over sympathetic nervous systems. The good news is that it is possible to cure blushing. Blushing is often habit building – you end up dreading the tell-tale signals, which only fuels the problem.

Do Hypnotists Have Special Powers?

I am a very ordinary mother, step-mother, wife and very recently a grand parent. I live a very ordinary life. I like walking my dog and do very ordinary things. I also happen to be a hypnotherapist. I have no magic tricks or special powers. Anyone could learn hypnosis. So why the training? Why aren’t we all running around hypnotising people?

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