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Part One: Haiti – A NLP Presupposition Lesson, Pre-Quake

In October 2009 I accompanied some friends to Haiti who were looking at prospective properties for their mining potential. Prior to my trip, I decided to study their history, and understand their lifestyle. As I became enlightened with information, it dumbfounded me.

An NLP Fire Anchor for Attaining My Goals

I can not imagine now not having the fire walk experience as a chapter in my book of life. This was such an achievement to have taken it off my ‘to do’ list and put on the ‘accomplishment’ list. Actually, it is on the ‘to do again’ list.

A Father’s NLP Reframe

Reframes are an incredible anomaly. A positive one can lift you up when you are down, help you look at a situation from a different perspective, make you realize you do have potential when you thought you didn’t, or encourage you to do something you thought was not attainable.

An NLP Decision Destroyer Technique and an Elephant in Thailand

In May of 2008 I went on a vacation to Thailand with my dear friend, Nichola. We traveled there without a plan, a hotel room, or any converted dollars to baht.

NLP Communication Patterns, Relationships and Their Tipping Point

A Few years ago, I read a fascinating book called The Tipping Point, written by Malcolm Gladwell. The premise of this novel is how certain products or service immediately become an extreme, overnight success and identifying when that magic moment happened.

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