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Scriptnosis Should Be Banned From Hypnotherapy Sessions – Burn Your Hypnosis Script Books!

Is there really a place for scripts in hypnosis and hypnotherapy? This article discusses the reasons the author thinks hypnotists and hypnotherapists should stop using script books as a comfort blanket in hypnotherapy sessions.

Confidence – Backdoor NLP Technique For Confidence

Confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time. You have probably heard about all sorts of techniques and tips on confidence building. The fact is confidence is a feeling. Any feeling can be reproduced at any time by with a simple NLP visualization technique.

The Insiders Secret To Greater Performance

Increasing performance can be a difficult task. Often increasing performance comes down to releasing limitations put upon yourself in your own mind. Studies have shown that runners who are told they are running 100 yards when in fact they are running 110 yards consistently run faster. This is due to expectation. Using the advanced techniques of neuro-linguistic programming a person can increase his or her performance in nearly any endeavor.

Hypnosis and ‘Self Talk’: Do We Really Need to Get Rid of Our Own Unhelpful Internal Scripts?

Have you ever experienced a thought that just won’t go away? You know, one of those thoughts that goes round and round in your head. The more you try not to think about it, the bigger it gets.

Psychiatry Versus NLP

If you have been through various types of therapy, you may have noticed a significant variation of techniques and methodologies. In this article, I am going to explore one of the differences between general psychiatry and NLP. We’ll cover the pros and the cons of both.

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