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Self-Hypnosis And Improving One’s Quality Of Life

What is man’s ultimate goal? Every human being has their own dreams and aspirations. They have different dreams, and they expect different outcomes for every dream fulfilled. What makes us similar to each other would be the notion that we all want to exceed our personal expectations. Regardless of how small or big the expectation might be, once we have achieved them we already feel a sense of accomplishment.

Self-Hypnosis In Relieving Insomnia

There’s no such truth that when one counts sheep before sleeping, it will eventually get you to sleep. Almost everybody finds it hard to fall asleep at some point in their lives. It is important that a person gets enough time sleeping. A good night sleep will reflect on performance at work or in school the next day, and adequate sleep somehow dictates the behavior exemplified by an individual.

Milton H Erickson’s Hypnotherapeutic Approach On Pain Management

Milton H. Erickson at a young age suffered from polio. But this did not stop him from becoming a world famous hypnotherapist. Actually, it all started when he was afflicted with it. He was bedridden and was not able to do what normal kids his age would do; be out in the sun and experiencing the usual games that kids play. He was such a strong man of character, and he did not let these physical shortcomings allay his dreams of becoming accomplished some day.

Milton H Erickson’s Confusion Technique In Hypnotherapy

One of Milton H. Erickson’s controversial methods used in hypnotherapy is the confusion technique. The steps by which an experimenter should proceed in doing this therapy are hard and complicated to follow. Let us first understand how the confusion technique works and how Erickson had successfully employed this particular procedure to his test subjects. Erickson often practiced this sequential methodology to highly intelligent people and to individuals who were consciously willing to partake.

Self-Hypnosis And Overcoming Personal Evils

Almost all of us have vices. A lot of people, determined as they are, choose to leave these bad habits behind and start all over again. Lucky them, they have a sense of control that allow them to decide to stop their bad ways and resume life without it. To some it can be very difficult and very tedious. A vice is defined as a habit or a practice that go against the society’s set of norms and values.

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